HB Reavis brings HubHub to London (GB)

HB Reavis brings HubHub to London (GB)

HB Reavis has announced plans to open the UK’s first HubHub at 20 Farringdon Street, its co-working concept which has already rolled out across Europe.


HubHub will provide four floors of high-quality space with a functional design tailored for different needs throughout the day. Flexibly designed to cater for anything from start-ups to scale-ups, the provision of agile workstations in communal areas are complemented by user-focused amenities, including a zen room, sleeping booth and game rooms. HubHub will curate a rich roster of educational events to take place in its auditorium for its members and the public, including workshops, masterclasses and panel discussions to facilitate collaboration and business growth. HubHub is already operational in Bratislava, Warsaw and Prague.


Launched by HB Reavis in June 2018, the 11-storey building comprises 85,000ft² of workspace that has been designed to accommodate varying business needs, offering the potential for three different leasing structures: from conventional leases, to ‘plug & play’ and the introduction of HubHub co-working space.


Only three months on from launch, leases have been agreed with NG Bailey and The Berkeley Partnership LLP. The 8th and 7th floors are also under offer, leaving only circa 15% of the total space remaining.


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