GVA Grimley Outlet Services signs up leading brands across European outlet centers (EUR)

GVA Grimley Outlet Services leasing team starts 2009 as it means to go on announcing four new signings for Outlets across Europe. This is the latest batch of new signings as retailers line up for new outlet opportunities.

Mustang Jeans signs up for Fashion House Outlet Centre Sosnowiec in Poland, IC Company's and Eastpack&Envy Sport sign up for Fashion Arena Outlet Centre in Prague, Olymp signs up for the Premier Outlet Centre Budapest and Miss Sixty is the latest signing for the Premier Outlet Centre Ringsted in Copenhagen, following close on the heels of Hugo Boss who signed at the end of 2008.

Eastpak&Envy Sport takes 323 m² and planned to open in February 2009 stocking outdoor and sports fashion and bags.

IC Companies takes 252 m² and planned to open in January 2009. Its brands include Jackpot, Cottonfield, InWear, Matinque, Part Two and Peak Performance.

Mustang Jeans takes 182 m² on a five-year lease and planned to open in February 2009. Mustang Jeans is a manufacturer and retailer and celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2008, making it one of the oldest manufacturers in Europe.

Miss Sixty takes 162 m² and is already open. Its brands include Miss Sixty, Energie, Murphy & Nye, Killah and Refrigiwear. David Carver, Head of Leasing, GVA Grimley Outlet Services explains: "Miss Sixty were keen to go to Denmark as they have a great brand line up including Nike and with Hugo Boss due to open early in 2009 they felt it was an ideal location."

Olymp takes 250 m² and is already open. Its brands include Olymp, Maryelis, Maybach, Brezner, Marty's and Shirt House.

David Carver explains: "The outlet sector is extremely exciting but is a unique market that needs in-depth specialist knowledge, and independent market leaders, GVA Grimley Outlet Services, are experts in the fast-growing European Designer Outlet sector. The leasing team have enjoyed a busy end to 2008 with a number of new lettings to key retailers having been concluded and the indications are that the start of 2009 will continue in the same vein."

GVA Grimley has a specialist Retail Operations Management team, a Leasing and Asset Management team, a Retail Development team and a range of specialist outlet consultants to hand to cover every area of leasing and retailing required.

Brendon O'Reilly, Director, GVA Grimley Outlet Services adds: "The Outlet sector is a great option for manufacturers and brands to sell off surplus stock or previous seasons' merchandise at 30-70% below regular retail prices. This allows them to work efficiently while protecting the brand image and controlling the value. Other manufacturers and brands could benefit by looking at the outlet sector, especially in the current climate. The outlet sector is bucking the recession and in many cases shows a year-on-year growth in sales."

He explains: "City center retailers need more 'new' brands and styles to create 'high fashion', to meet this demand, brand manufacturers have to make more products and make them faster. But as a result, they also have more surpluses. Outlet centers enable brand owners to dispose of this stock in a controlled way, without selling it very cheap to traders, thus protecting the brand owner and the high street. While the high street suffers the need to provide a profitable route for selling off increasing levels of surplus stock is ever more important.

"It also opens a new market for the brand as a different type of buyer goes to the Outlet center, in comparison to the 'high fashion' stores in the city, increasing the sales of the brand."

Source: GVA Grimley

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