Great Portland Estates announces €575 million of financing (UK)

Great Portland Estates plc ("GPE") announced that it has signed a new £450 million (€575 million) unsecured revolving credit facility with a group of seven relationship banks. The facility has an initial five year term which may be extended to a maximum of seven years at GPE’s request, subject to bank consent.
The facility has a headline margin of 105 basis points over LIBOR and its terms include GPE’s standard unsecured financial covenants.
Following this transaction, GPE currently has undrawn committed facilities and cash of approximately £400 million (€511 million) and the next Group level debt maturity is not until June 2018.
The participating banks are RBS, Santander, HSBC, Lloyds, Crédit Agricole CIB, Wells Fargo and Bank of China. The latter two banks are re-established and new unsecured lending relationships for GPE respectively.
Nick Sanderson, Finance Director of GPE commented, "We are pleased to have arranged this competitively priced facility with our relationship banks. By taking advantage of current market conditions, this facility adds further flexibility to our already strong and well diversified debt book. The level of support for this facility is a continued vote of confidence in our focused business model, prime Central London property portfolio and conservative capital structure."
Source: Great Portland Estates

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