Government of Morocco adjudges FADESA two new tourist projects by Mediterranean (MOR/ES)

The group FADESA has been awarded both summoned competitions by the Morocco government for the development of two tourists resorts at the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, near Titouan.

It concerns a zone who has been recently baptized as 'Tamuda Bay' and which the authorities of Morocco wants to position as an international destination. For that reason, the resorts who will be developing FADESA will have as one of his principal attractives their location, because of their exclusive position at the coast of 'Tamuda Bay', vacacional destination of the royal family and where one of the most important sport ports of the country is situated, Marina Smir.

It concerns two resorts which will be separated by some kilometres.

The first will be located in the surroundings of an extraordinary salad virgin lagoon of 30 hectares, because it is conceived to develop this resort to a referring one of the zone. On a surface of 145 hectares, the Spanish company will develop a high standing hotel of 160 rooms, a spa, a 9-hole golf course, a leisure zone with beach clubs, aquapark and around 1.100 residentials and tourists houses.

The second resort will occupy 84 hectares and will be integrated by a 18-hole golf course, leisure zone, sportcenter, leisure zone and around 1.000 houses, between villages, apartments and rent houses.

Altogether, FADESA will invest more than €324 million in these resorts, impelled by the government with the objective to make of the Moroccan Mediterranean a leading tourist destination. In fact, in this zone, near Titouan, FADESA is already developing Alcudia Smir, another project with similar characteristics just a few kilometres far away. It concerns a resort integrated by a hotel, leisure zone and more of 2.100 houses.

Ten prestigious companies appeared at the public competition summoned by the Morocco government, and after a selection process of a month, FADESA became the winner.

Source: FADESA

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