Goodman’s logistics center expands in Lauwin-Planque, northern France (FR)

Goodman has announced the development of a 12,000 m² extension of the 90,000 m² logistics warehouse it leases to Amazon in Lauwin-Planque, in the north of France. The extension project, which began just a few months after the fulfilment center opened, is Goodman’s third development at Lille-Douai Logistics Centre.

The new 12,000 m² extension is being be added to the existing warehouse to meet the growth of e-commerce in France. In anticipation of its customer’s needs, Goodman had obtained the necessary administrative permits required for the development. It can therefore deliver the new extension at the end of the second quarter of 2014, only eight months after the start of the development process. On completion of the warehouse, Goodman will continue as the property manager. Since 2006, Goodman has developed over one million m² for Amazon in Europe. Today’s announcement bolsters Goodman’s position as the leading developer of, and investor in, e-commerce logistics space in Europe.

“We are extremely pleased to work once again with Amazon, with whom we have a unique relationship and a privileged partnership. Our well known expertise in the development of logistics space for the e-commerce sector, coupled with our ability to respond to Amazon’s needs in a precise and efficient way, while respecting the time frames involved, have been the determining factors in their decision to work with Goodman,” said Philippe Arfi, Goodman Director France.

In less than a year, Goodman has developed more than half of its Lille-Douai Logistics Centre. Two sites, of 30,000 m² and 60,000 m² respectively, are still available for the development of modern logistics space. Goodman can develop new warehouses at the available sites within a ten month timeframe. “We are delighted that the development of the Lille-Douai Logistics Centre continues. Goodman’s latest extension for Amazon reinforces Douai’s front line position in the logistics sector and strengthens Douai’s image as a town that creates job opportunities,” concluded Christian Poiret, President of the Douai Urban Community.

Source: Goodman

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