Goodman develops logistics property for DSV in Leipzig and sets new energy efficiency standard (DE)

Goodman, is developing a 22,000 m² distribution center for DSV at the Leipzig freight village (GVZ/ GVZ-Süd III).The project signals the start of the development of a larger logistics centre with three warehouse units and a total surface area of 50,000 m². DSV will supply the retail stores of pharmacy chain, dm-drogerie markt in Leipzig-Halle and Dresden, from the new logistics center. The completed facility is due to be delivered in September 2013, with DSV to employ 80 staff at the new warehouse.

The distribution center sets new standards in the energy efficiency of logistics properties.The distribution center sets new standards in the energy efficiency of logistics properties. The comprehensive use of LED technology is the development’s distinguishing feature. The sustainable system of lighting will save approximately 35% on electricity costs compared with conventional systems. The installation of a pellet heating system will allow DSV to also use wood, a sustainable raw material, and reduce heating costs by up to 10%.

“Until only a few months ago, LED technology had still not been fully developed in logistics properties. Since then we have optimised its use to achieve greater energy savings. Together with DSV, we are using LED lighting for the first time to demonstrate how economically sustainable modern logistics properties can be,” said Andreas Fleischer, Goodman’s Regional Director for Germany.

The sustainability of the property will be verified with certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

“Our customer is very keen to have its logistics services realised in a sustainable way,” said Peter Fog-Petersen, DSV Road GmbH Managing Director. “In line with our joint development of the property in Langenbach, we were again able to rely on Goodman’s sound advice and professionalism for this development project in Leipzig. On the basis of the sustainable design of the building, we expect cost savings, competitive advantages and greater customer loyalty in the future.”

To handle the dm-drogerie markt’s products, the logistics center will include 30 loading ramps f

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