Goodman develops 10,000 m² distribution center with integrated shop for AkzoNobel in Viersen (DE)

Goodman, the global integrated property group that owns, develops and manages logistics space, is developing a new approx. 10,000 m² distribution center for Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH in Viersen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Construction at the 24,000 m² land bank in the Mackenstein-North industrial area commenced in May, with handover scheduled for November, when Akzo Nobel will move from its existing Viersen office.

Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH has signed a seven-year lease on the warehouse, with a further two, five-year options. The new warehouse will be used to store a large number of varnishes, paints and coatings.

An 850 m² integrated shop will be used to supply specialist companies in the region. The deal emphasizes Goodman’s expertise in the development of facilities that cater specifically for the safe storage of hazardous goods.

Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH had clearly defined requirements for a new distribution center for the West German region to expand its storage capacity on the Lower Rhine and optimize its logistics processes. As there were no suitable properties available in Viersen to meet AkzoNobel’s needs, local government authorities advised it to opt for a new facility, developed by Goodman.

“We successfully co-operated with the key decision makers in Viersen in the past. The new request, to find out whether Goodman could also develop a facility for AkzoNobel, shows the trust that both the city and our customer puts in us,” said Andreas Fleischer, Goodman Regional Director Germany.

The land bank for this project was sold to Goodman by the city’s property marketing society. As a result of the good co-operation it was possible to secure the building permit and commence construction in a short time frame. For Günter Neumann, president of the property marketing society, the number of new jobs in Viersen is significant: “In a first step 100 jobs have been created at the location, and this number could rise to 300. Thereby we are ensuring the future of our city in a sustainable way,” he said.

With the new development Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH will not only have a larger area available. The customer will also has the option of integrating the latest loading technology and high-rise storage, as Goodman will tailor the property to meet their precise requirements.

AkzoNobel will supply paints and varnishes to approx. 25 of its own wholesale facilities in the West German region from its new distribution center at Viersen. The shop will supply specialist paint and varnish companies in the region.

In addition to the new facility’s retail and presentation areas, it will also offer sustainable features, such as increased natural lighting through the inclusion of light strips in the façade, and in accordance with the German water management act specially certified floor slabs to facilitate the safe storage of paints and varnishes in all three water hazard classes (WHC).

As with all of its new developments, Goodman will apply for silver certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Source: Goodman

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