Giuseppe Caruso appointed CEO of Pirelli RE Franchising (IT)

Giuseppe Caruso (44) has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Pirelli RE Franchising, the Pirelli RE Group's distribution network for real estate and financial products, with over 1,000 affiliated agencies throughout Italy.

Caruso has extensive experience in the property industry, having held a series of increasingly important positions. After running a number of construction and estate agency businesses over the years, Caruso joined the Pirelli RE Group in 2002, where, among other things, he was in charge of development and management of the franchise business at national level, contributing to the success of the project.

In March 2005 Caruso was appointed General Manager of IPI S.p.A., holding a number of management positions, including Chairman and CEO of IPI Intermediazione. Caruso left IPI in March 2006 and than he comes back to Pirelli RE.

His appointment as CEO of Pirelli RE Franchising marks Caruso's return to the Pirelli RE Group, where he will report to Paolo Bottelli, Assistant General Manager Services.

Source: Pirelli RE

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