GE Real Estate France purchases portfolio of warehouses and parcel services (FR)

GE Real Estate France announces the purchase of 190,000m² of warehouses and parcel services and 50,000m² of assets to be developed from the Mory Groupe, specialist in transportation and logistic service integration.

A third of these assets are located in Paris and the rest are in various regions throughout France, notably in Orleans and Lille. The leases are for nine years, renewable three times. The portfolio comprises 20 storage spaces and 6 extension projects.

For GE Real Estate France, Philippe None Cabinet Ashurst acted as the legal advisor and HE Flusin as a notary. EXA was the real estate advisor for this operation.

Rothschild, Auren Leven and Depardieu Brocas Maffei gave financial and legal advice to Mory.

Source: GE Real Estate

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