Galeria Korona Kielce will provide unusual architecture and metropolitan style (PL)

Galeria Korona Kielce will be situated in the very center of the city, within a triangle formed by Warszawska, Polna and Radiowa Streets. The building will be accessed through entrances from Warszawska Street and Polna Street. Those entering from Warszawska Street will have a dual option - two entrances leading directly to two levels of the Centre, the lower and upper ground floors.

Construction of the Centre will proceed concurrently with investments in road infrastructure in the direct neighbourhood, carried out under an agreement with the city fathers. Development work will also embrace a stretch of land alongside Warszawska Street facing the junction with IX Wieków Kielc Avenue which will be converted into a pedestrian promenade running towards the Centre.

Tailor-made offer
The three storys of the Centre will accommodate 170 retail/service units and catering outlets that will jointly occupy 36,000 m² of space. They will include a supermarket on the lower ground floor and a two-level store with household appliances on the lower and upper ground floors. Cafes and restaurants will be located on all floors of the Centre. The top floor will be occupied by a food court overlooking the entire Centre. A broad food offer, with both fast food dishes and specialties of international cuisine, will satisfy even the most demanding palates. The top three levels of the Centre will be occupied by a car park with over 1200 spaces.

Architecture in a new light
The body of the building will be covered with perforated panels that will give the facade a spacious look and create a varying effect depending on natural and artificial light conditions. The two-layer facade will be lit up after dark, creating an attractive, colourful illumination of the building. The design of the Centre ensures integration of public urban space with the interior of the building.
The main entrance to the Centre will be from Warszawska Street. The architecture of a two-level entrance square leading to the lower and upper ground floors will ensure easy access to the Centre directly from the street. A fountain with a modern sculpture, a cosy cafe with an external terrace, stone seats, the architecture of greenery and the pattern of paving tiles represent the quality of urban space around Galeria Korona and at the same time harmonise with the townscape of Kielce city center.

Urban climate of a shopping street
Large amounts of natural light flowing from the top and high quality of finishing materials will give the Centre the urban look of a roofed, multi-level shopping street. The individual floors in the form of viewing terraces will help visitors find their way around the Centre and ensure excellent visibility. Three panoramic lifts and two lines of escalators will provide good access between the individual levels of the Centre. The interior will be formed by two dominant features - glazed "islands" representing characteristic architecture, demarcating the space of the entrance squares and the multi-function Central Square.

Central Square
The space between the twin "islands" has been earmarked the Central Square. The subtle character of an atrium will be achieved thanks to natural light flowing through a skylight situated directly above the square. The internal architecture of the Centre features an immediately visible openwork tower. A panoramic lift inside the tower will be an excellent viewing platform. The construction of the tower allows to install stage lighting systems, therefore the Central Square can also be used as a venue for artistic events such as concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows or multimedia performances.

The investor of Galeria Korona Kielce is Dariusz Miùek through Church Land Development Sp. z o.o. company. Dariusz Miùek is president of NG2 S.A. company, Polish Entrepreneur 2007, founder of the CCC footwear brand and chain - leader in the Polish footwear market.

Architecture team
The Bose International Planning and Architecture Group was establishe

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