Galeria Katowicka opens with a lease level of 92% and 10,800 visitors in the first hour (PL)

NEINVER has opened the third phase of Galeria Katowicka, a commercial area with 53,000 m², 220 units and a parking lot with 1,200 spaces in the center of the city. This project is the largest investment of the Group in Europe and a remarkable project due to its location in the very heart of an urban area with 2 million of population and the current situation in the Polish retail sector. During the first hour 10,800 customers have visited the center.

Galeria Katowicka is a three-phase project which includes an office center with 20,000 m², a stylish retail area and a modern transportation hub with a bus terminal and a railway station. This project is the result of collaboration between NEINVER, Meyer Bergman and the Polish State Railways.

"When we started the project seven years ago, it was not only a challenge with respect to construction and engineering, but it first of all presented outstanding business prospects. I believe that what Galeria Katowicka is today, and I mean the business model as well as architectonic and usability solutions, will allow us to make the best of this remarkable opportunity", says Agata Brzezińska, Country Manager, NEINVER Poland.

The level of commercialization of Galeria Katowicka is 92% on the opening day. There are more than 220 stores and service points located at four levels, including one underground level. The tenant mix strategy assumed that Galeria Katowicka would be a popular place and very attractive to all customer groups. That is why the tenant mix includes such brands as Zara, Euro RTV & AGD, Reserved, C&A, Stokrotka, SMYK or Deichmann, with the alternative provided by Peek&Cloppenburg’s first department store in Katowice.

"Galeria Katowicka project aroused interest already at the design stage. Despite difficult market situation, at the moment the lease level is 92% which makes one of the best in the entire country. The perfect location, great access and the attractive tenant mix make Galeria Katowicka remarkably appealing", quotes Jorge Sánchez, Retail Manager of NEINVER.

"The project carried out in Katowice is undoubtedly one of the most interesting ventures in Europe at the moment. It is highly evaluated by international experts who keep an eye on the Polish real property market. We knew we had to take part in this outstanding and challenging project that uniquely combines commercial, transportation and public functions. For this reason, Meyer Bergman decided to make an investment in Katowice in 2010.

"Today we know this was a good business decision. We are thrilled to see the effects of our collaboration with NEINVER and the Polish State Railways. This project which will reshape the image of Katowice is an excellent example of an investment fund, a developer and a public institution effectively working together towards a common goal. No doubt, this model of collaboration that we have developed will set a prime example in the international property market", says Mark Gamble, Head of Asset Management, Meyer Bergman.

Source: Neinver

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