Futureal Partnership Programme continues (RU)

Futureal has invested €10 million equity into Russian property development projects in the context of the €100 million Futureal Partnership Programme.

"In the context of our program launched last year, we are seeking partners in search of additional equity to implement their projects that are viable amongst current market circumstances. We have contributed substantial professional added value to our past investments, however, we are happy to play the role of pure financial investor as the case may be," Futureal Group founder and owner Gábor FUTÓ explained.

"An example of the latter is our first investment in Russia, where the US-owned global property development firm Hines provides the entire professional background through the Hines Russia and Poland Fund platform. Founded 65 years ago in the US, Hines opened its Moscow office two decades ago and employs a local staff of 250, granting the highest standard of expertise, paired with transparent operations."

In the context of the Futureal Partnership Programme launched last year by Gábor Futó, three large-scale investment projects were already undertaken: the new KPMG headquarters in Budapest at the site of the former Volga hotel, the Nova Park commercial centre in Poland, inaugurated last month, and an international structured finance project.

Partnership Programme
Futureal Real Estate Holding announced its €100 million Partnership Programme in 2011, with the intention of re-launching and finishing projects in Central Europe that have slowed down with the economic crisis due to the lack of a professional background or financial resources, hand-in-hand with other developers, banks or tenants. In an environment where funding has run dry, Futureal offers structured finance schemes and professional partnership to its development partners.

Over and above the financial investment, Futureal contributes with substantial added value to the success of the projects, bringing its excellent reputation and experience in leasing, design, engineering and funding to the table. With its presence in three countries, Futureal has completed projects with a total value of over €600 million over the past years, of which partnerships represented 60%.

Source: Andrea Szabó

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