FUTURA Park Kraków awarded 'Retail Park of the Year' at CEE Retail Real Estate Awards (PL)

NEINVER's latest project in Poland, FUTURA Park Kraków, was recently honored with the 'Retail Park of the Year' award in a contest held by Europaproperty.com publishing house.

Opened in autumn 2011, FUTURA Park Kraków is a modern complex combining a traditional retail park and factory outlet center.

The jury composed of experienced professionals in the property market determined FUTURA Park Kraków as the winner at the final stage of the competition for the 'Retail Park of the Year' title. CEE Retail Real Estate Awards, a two-level contest with 28 categories, saw nominations of over 400 companies, projects and people that were actively operating on the property market in 2011.

FUTURA Park Kraków is a Polish complex where NEINVER again made a pioneering combination of a retail park and an outlet center, as it first did in Wroclaw. The ground-floor commercial park with 22,000 m² of retail space hosts 22 stores and service points. The factory outlet center occupies the first floor and the same area of 22,000 m², with 120 shops; it is the largest center of its sort in Poland.

At the design stage, the building, in which the awarded center is found, obtained a BREEAM certificate which is a proof to its environmentally friendly features.

FUTURA Park Kraków is the first outlet center in Malopolska. The catchment area is home to 3 million prospective customers. Within the first two weeks of its opening, the center was visited by 260,000 people.

Source: Estudio de Comunicación S.A.

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