Foundation stone laying at TóPARK (HU)

The ceremonial foundation stone laying has taken place in the office park of TóPARK's first phase. Thereby the developer, Walker and Williams Investment Group (WWIG) has started the grandiose project to be implemented in 13 years from nearly €2.4 million on its way. The current status already reveals a lot about the future impressive appearance of the investment that is also mentioned as the Monaco of Central Europe, since the construction of some of the office buildings has already reached the third floor, furthermore the promenade on the southern shore of the lake located in the area of the development has already been opened.

TóPARK project started on its way in 2006 with these ambitious numbers. The development has achieved several milestones since then: the capital structure was established in 2006, the financing structure was created in 2007, implementation of the first phase's office park started in 2008 and the foundation stone was laid on June 3, 2009.

Farbod Lotfi, president of WWIG gave a speech at the ceremonial event, as well as Gábor Petrovszky, vice president of WWIG and the man dreaming up TóPARK, furthermore Dr. Lajos Palovics, Mayor of Biatorbágy.

Financing of TóPARK's first phase is ensured by a €138-million development load from Eurohypo Bank.

Edifices of the initial phase will be handed over in the fourth quarter of 2010, including an office park with the net groundspace of 92,000 m², a building complex housing service units on net 20,000 m², furthermore, in the direct proximity of office buildings, more than 160 leased apartments on a net area of 12,000 m². A surface parking lot with nearly 2,800 places and an underground garage will also be built for the buildings.

WWIG assigned Deutsche Architekt Kft. with designing the edifices and Deutsche General Bau Kft. with the implementation thereof.

Leasing of offices has already started before implementation, thus currently 43 percent is bound by leasing pre-agreements.
In later phases of the city center, TóPARK shopping center, additional office buildings, leased apartments, Europe's longest covered pedestrian street, a recreational and rehabilitation center, open-air and indoor sport complex, expo and exhibition area and a training and event center will be implemented, which will make the scope of services even more complete.

Structural engineering in Párizsi street
Construction works are currently in process on 10 hectares and 12 cranes are working on the office buildings of the passage named Párizsi street. Structural engineering works are under way on the buildings of Párizsi street 1-3. and 2-4. Here the floor structure of the second floor is finished, moreover the façade walls of the second floor and the structural columns serving the support of the third floor are being laid with concrete; furthermore, the first typical arched structural elements of the edifice are also complete. In addition, the construction works of ascending structures on the houses numbered as Párizsi street 6-8., 10-12., 14-16. and 18-20. on the even side, and on the uneven side Párizsi street 5., 7-9., 11., 13-15. and 17. have also started. Specialized professional works are going to start as of September, thus the headcount of people working in the area is going to increase again soon.

The promenade is completed on the southern side
The dominant, central element of the development is the nearly 40-hectare lake situated in the area and the promenade planned around it. Construction of the beautiful route stoned with external floor tiles, bordered by lamp standards and Mediterranean type plants started last year already, indeed its first section was handed over in the middle of last September. Work has continued this year, thus implementation was finished on the southern side of the lake at the end of April, together with landscaping of the neighboring area, installation of the irrigation system and sod revetment as well. In June visitors will be able to walk along the whole shore section to the office bui

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