Foruminvest wins the 2010 CNCC Italy award (IT)

Foruminvest Italia with its management company Forum in the Mall, has won the prestigious 2010 CNCC Italy Award in the category 'Consumer & Advertising Campaign'. Each year this award is assigned to those structures that distinguish themselves for the added value that their activities, services to visitors and marketing and strategic campaigns bring to their shopping centers.

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Forum in the Mall, in cooperation with Sviluppo Commerciale, won the award for marketing activity carried out by the Gran Shopping Mongolfiera of Molfetta (Bari).

Forum in the Mall, the mall management company of the Foruminvest Group, in cooperation with Sviluppo Commerciale, won the award for the marketing activity called 'Incontri poco scontati' carried out by the Gran Shopping Mongolfiera of Molfetta (Bari). Foruminvest philosophy of 'The Winning City' confirmed yet again the original and innovative positioning of its shopping centers on the Italian market as well as the importance of having such innovative instruments as for example Forum TV – the interactive TV channel for shopping centers developed and managed by the Foruminvest Group – to successfully manage and improve a shopping center productivity.

The summer sales campaign called 'Incontri poco scontati' that won the prize, has been thought of by Sviluppo Commerciale and Forum in the Mall. Through unconventional marketing strategies and 'guerrilla marketing', Forum in the Mall and Sviluppo Commerciale chose to 'take the shops' out of the shopping center and among the people. To achieve this they placed 240 mannequins in the city of Bari and in over 20 towns of the province, fully dressed with clothes and accessories courtesy of the shops of the shopping center.

Very strong marketing campaigns made by Forum in the Mall, Forum TV and Sviluppo Commerciale, made it possible to increase the turnover with more than 35% over the last three years and increased the footfall with 1 million visitors to 6 million visitors in 2010. This award is the result of years of hard work on the part of Foruminvest Italia in close cooperation with Forum in the Mall.

"We are very proud of having received this prestigious award," commented Marco Mutti and David Ermia. "It is a recognition of our commitment, our hard work and of the efforts of the entire team that daily works to offer high quality services to our numerous visitors and to all the tenants that choose to open a store in our shopping centers".

The award ceremony was held on December 14, 2010, at the Navigli Museum in Milan at the presence of the most important and influential players of the national and international retail world.

Source: Foruminvest

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