Foruminvest opens Gran Sasso shopping center in Italy (IT/NL)

On Thursday, 22 November, Foruminvest Italia held a grand opening of its Gran Sasso shopping center in Teramo. The festive opening, with 38,000 visitors (160,000 visitors the first weekend), marked the end of an intensive, 14-month construction period. Teramo has now positioned itself on Italy's shopping map with a modern, 30,000-m² shopping center and a football stadium with 9,000 seats for the local Teramo soccer club (Serie C). Thanks to its size, favourable location on the autostrada from Rome to the Adriatic coast and its unique architecture, the shopping center is an important draw for the Abruzzo region. With the quality and design Foruminvest starts a new era in Italian shopping centers.

The Gran Sasso interior.

The Gran Sasso shopping center, located on the A24 autostrada from Rome to the Adriatic coast, is striking due to the unusual design of its covered courtyards and richly detailed malls. Special elements include the use of warm materials and colours, scented columns, fountains and two gigantic LED screens from Forum TV on which weekend sports, fashion shows, the best of YouTube, daily local news and interactive games are played and shown. Gran Sasso was developed by Foruminvest Italia, which gave the assignment to the leading Madrid-based architectural firm, RTKL, and the conceptual designer, Cconcept to plan this shopping center. In addition to its striking architecture, the shopping center has the most talked-about lighting in shopping centres in Europe.

Variety and comfort
Gran Sasso shopping center has a variety of shops (101) where leading brands and speciality shops in fashion, perfumery, multimedia, gifts/bijouterie, glasses, shoes, jewellery, sports, telephony and a 10,000-m² hypermarket (E. Conad Leclerc) can be found. Retail outlets include H&M, Zara Kids, Bershka, Benetton, Bata, Footlocker, Swarovski, Oviesse, Unieuro, Terranova, Sasch, Burger King, Rossopomodoro and many others.

During nice weather, a variety of covered and uncovered (catering) plazas have a lot to offer. Some 4,500 parking spaces were created around the shopping center, providing sufficient space for visitors even during busy days.

Source: PR Factory

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