Forum Istanbul's international mid-year conference

From Sinan the architect to an Olympic City. Urban Regeneration and Real Estate Investments. Jointly supported by ULI the Urban Land Institute Forum Istanbul's International Mid-Year conference is taking place in the Swissotel, Istanbul on November 12 – 13, 2007. The conference will attract some of the most influential members of government, academia, and real estate. Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is scheduled to deliver the opening speech on November 12. Some of the topics to be discussed at the ambitious conference include Olympic cities and their experiences, urban regeneration projects around the globe, and specific strategies for urban regeneration in Istanbul.

Forum Istanbul will examine the Olympics and its contribution to world peace via the international barrier-breaking use of sports. Various success stories of past Olympic cities in terms of urbanism are on the agenda. The renewal of living spaces to avoid restless environments and a look at the built environment of the future will also be discussed.

Urban regeneration projects throughout the rest of the world will be studied, as well as reviving economically unsaturated regions, and developing commercial trades and urban regeneration models. The effect of urban regeneration projects on cultural heritages will also be looked at. Narrowing the focus back to Istanbul, the challenges and opportunities involved with specific urban regeneration strategies will be discussed, and how to achieve cooperation from the public, private and local communities.

Other topics on the agenda include alternative financial methods during urban regeneration projects, sustainable projects and land development, value added design, urban design and eco buildings, commercial cities in the 21st century, and emerging markets from the perspective of global investors.

Among the broader goals of Forum Istanbul is to plan and implement policies and strategies for this vast country with 65 million mostly young inhabitants. Through the exchange of ideas and open dialogue, the forum aims to work towards the benefit of Turkey and the Turkish economy, making the nation an appealing destination for foreign investment today and into the future.

For more details and to view the complete list of speakers and the complete agenda, please click on the link.

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