Forum Istanbul celebrates second anniversary and opens 10,000-m² Jurassic Land (TR)

Forum Istanbul, now welcoming more than 24 million visitors annually, is fully let since opening Jurassic Land.

Forum Istanbul - Istanbul - TK 117 REF by Benjamin Struelens november 2009

Forum Istanbul.

Built with American consultant NK&A, who designed the original Jurassic Park in LA, this state of the art leisure attraction offers 'edutainment' with 70 animatronic dinosaurs from baby raptors to T-Rex, the biggest 6-D movie theater in Turkey and Europe, the Juracopter, a science museum, research center, egg incubation facility and shop.

Jurassic Land at Forum Istanbul is the most advanced dinosaur theme park in the world, already borne out by extremely high advance and spontaneous booking numbers.

Forum Istanbul leisure attractions
Jurassic land is now just one of the 10 attractions at Forum Istanbul which has over 30,000m² dedicated to leisure, (equal to a mid-sized mall), The other nine attractions are: Turkuazoo Aquarium (8,000 m² with a surrounding transparent underwater tunnel of 270 degrees visibility also offering diving with sharks); Magic Ice (the first and only ice museum in a warm climate); Funlab (2,500-m² games center); Tiox (360-degree cinema, 360-degree simulator and virtual reality sphere); Gmax (one of just 12 reverse bungee jumps in the world, shoots visitors into the sky at 200 km/hour with a force of 3G); along with the cinema, bowling center, play area, ice skating rink.

Forum Istanbul is a high-performing center both in service and visitor levels
Forum Istanbul, currently the biggest shopping center in Europe with its 175,000 m² of leasable space, has reached outstanding footfall and turnover numbers in just two years of operation. With over 2.2 million visitors per month, it is one of the best performing shopping centers in Turkey and Europe.

Over two years, average monthly footfall has increased more than 20% and the average monthly turnover increased by nearly 30%. Being leased and opened during the 2009 economic crisis, Forum Istanbul has also managed to increase its occupancy level from 70% to 100%, despite the troubled economic period in Europe.

Forum Istanbul also prides itself in being the most customer and family-friendly center in its sector. Customer services range from baby rooms, family rooms, play areas, baby food preparation points to handicapped services, strollers, wheelchairs, prayer rooms and wireless internet. Forum Istanbul's Facebook page has more than 150,000 fans.

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