Former building of Latvijas Pasts in Riga International Airport will turn into a modern office center (LT)

In Riga International Airport there have been launched reconstruction works of the former Latvijas Pasts building. Within a year it will turn into a modern office center, which will open its doors for new tenants in June 2007. The total area of the centre reaches 6,000 m² - 3,500 m² of them will be occupied by offices, and 1,000 m² will be used as warehouses.

Last few years in the territory of Riga International Airport and its surroundings there have been actively realized various kinds of projects, such as DHL logistics terminal, the central building of Latvijas pasts, office and warehouse centre Spedair. However, all the projects are built-to-suit, i.e. developed for one's own needs and for one's own means. The new office and warehouse centre is the only project in this area, which is 100% meant for lease.
The four-storey building will be equipped with all the necessary modern engineering and communication systems. Free storey planning will allow the tenants to construct and equip the offices according to their needs. The office building will be unique for its broad terraces from where flying up and landing airplanes can be observed.
Another prominent feature of the office centre is its location – 200 meters away from the central entrance of Riga International Airport and close to such city main roads as K. Ulmana Gatve, Lielirbes Street and airport driveway P133. This will ensure the tenants quick and easy access to Riga's centre and other Latvian cities – unquestionable advantage for transport and logistics companies.
It should be underlined that the reconstruction goes along the program of the development and broadening of Riga Airport territory, which is due to the rapid development of the air communication. Only a couple of years ago – in 2003 – the airport of Riga received 712,000 passengers. In 2004 their number grew by 49% hitting the mark of 1 mln., and the number of flights grew by 40.1%. Even more dynamic was year 2005 when the amount of passengers rose by 77.1% reaching almost 1.9 mln., whereas the flight number grew by 26.4%. This year start was also promising: in the first half there were served by 39.6% more passengers and by 13.3% more airplanes than a year ago. The figures show that it is necessary to develop the airport infrastructure and the terminal. Its first stage was successfully realized last year by the construction of a new terminal building.
The most prominent step in the airport development program is going to be the construction of the airport business park, which is planned to be launched in 2008-2010. The total area of the park will reach 60 ha, planned construction volume being 40 000 m². According to the project concept, the territory of the park will be divided into several zones including a separate cargo zone. The largest part of the business park will be occupied by office buildings, various service centres, hotels and industrial facilities. All the measures on the development of the airport infrastructure will make the number of passengers to grow to 10 mln. people a year. This will positively influence the activity of the enterprises operating in this area.
Project Participants
The developer of the project is General Investment Corporation – a branch of General Investment Group Corporation, the developer of numerous large-scale projects in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. General Investment Group Corp. specializes in construction of office, warehouse and retail premises. Besides, the company owns large retail complexes in Russia and Latvia.
The project author is the well-known architectural bureau Arhis, having also designed and reconstructed such projects as the business park in Riga Inernational Airport, Metropole hotel, office and retail complex Scandinavian Tobacco as wel as the office centre at 11 Duntes Street in Riga.
The constructor of the project is Bugroff. The company was established in 1994. Its main fields are projecting and construction of office buildings, banks, dwelling houses and apartments. Bugroff des

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