Food and beverage brands' analysis in shopping centres (RU)

JLL published the analysis of Food & beverage (F&B) brands in Moscow and St. Petersburg shopping centres.


According to JLL, the level of globalization in the food and beverage segment is lower than in the fashion market. The majority of F&B operators are presented only in their local markets. However, some catering brands expand globally. The world’s largest operators include McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Subway. These brands operate in more than 100 countries.


Some smaller and relatively young brands are trying to expand globally, such as Vapiano, Wagamama, Chipotle and Eataly. Upscale restaurants from celebrity chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver also appear in different countries.


Among Russian brands, only a few have opened cafés and restaurants in other countries. Among those are bakery Stolle, crapery Teremok, restaurants Novikov Restaurant & Bar, Jean-Jacques and Mari Vanna.


The majority of F&B brands in shopping centres of Moscow and St. Petersburg are Russian (accounting for 76% and 81% of F&B facilities respectively). The top brand in Moscow is Kroshka Kartoshka (which serves baked potatoes with various toppings) and in St. Petersburg Teremok.

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