Flemish Government awards €124m Antwerp Master Plan Project to THV Silvius (BE)

The Flemish Government is awarding the Antwerp Master Plan Brabo I Project to the THV Silvius consortium, which consists of Heijmans Infrastructure Belgium, DG Infra+, Frateur-de Pourcq Etn. and Franki, and the financiers Dexia Bank Belgium, Dexia Credit Local SA, KBC, and the Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten (Dutch Municipal Bank). The Brabo I Project includes the tramline extensions from Deurne to Wijnegem and from Mortsel to Boechout, including the rehabilitation of roads, from curb to curb, where the bus/tram lanes are to be constructed.

In 2007, the Flemish Government decided to tender and carry out the Brabo I and II projects as part of the Antwerp Master Plan. The objective is to improve mobility in and around Antwerp. The core of the plan consists of expanding the existing tramlines between the city's center and the suburbs, with an eye on improving mobility and traffic safety in these corridors. Work will be initiated in the summer.

The Brabo I Project is one of the most important PPP projects in Flanders. Two years ago, with an eye on special PPP tenders, Heijmans created a special business unit called Heijmans @Ventures for this purpose. Heijmans @Ventures supports the Heijmans companies that are active on the PPP market, with expertise and attracting capital.

Source: Heijmans

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