Fischer Architects to design German Business Park at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DE/UAE)

German Business Park FZCO, a joint venture between Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and Bin Jabr Group of Abu Dhabi, has signed a contract with Fischer Architects of Mannheim, Germany, to prepare conceptual designs and preliminary engineering for its signature mixed-use development to be constructed within the headquarters district of Dubai Silicon Oasis, the region's premier integrated innovations hub for high-tech industries.

In selecting Fischer Architects from a field of 6 top German architectural firms, the company's Board of Directors recognized above all the powerful aesthetic statement and advanced technological dimensions of the building concept that was created by the firm's principal, Claus Fischer, and his team of creative designers.

The €150 million (AED 750 million) German Business Park, encompassing 82,000 m² of gross built-up area, features an expansive three-level podium flanked by two slender towers, each rising 12 floors to a height of 60 meters. Commenting on the design concept, Claus Fischer summarized his objective "to create a German Business Park of Dubai not only as a highly functional platform for German businesses, but also as a dynamic sculptural statement destined to become an object of prestige in the world of German architecture by virtue of its powerful lines and its ingenious use of solar energy."

Fischer added, "The shape of the building is reminiscent of two friends sitting peacefully together, with the podium serving as the surface for sitting and the towers being close friends in reflective conversation." Within such a symbolic cultural and business framework is a landscaped roof garden with a 3-level deep atrium that serves as a central communications and commercial hub for the entire complex.

Claus Fischer and his team of German specialists engineers and consultants have tackled all of the building's technological challenges to assure a seamless design that proudly bears the mark of their company and German innovation overall. As an ecologically "green building," the design takes advantage of the abundant sunlight to power its climate control systems, converting the sun's heat into cool air. This system is so efficient that it produces a net gain in energy, which is then used to power some of the building's other features. The evaporative cooling technology is a high-tech product including state-of-the-art solar absorber materials and accessories that are being economically integrated into the building's superstructure and distinctive façade.

Scheduled for completion in late 2009, German Business Park will provide German companies with a full compliment of office space for sale, a business class hotel with adjunct serviced apartments, a luxury retail & restaurant area and underground parking for 1,700 cars...all fully enclosed within its unique German styled environment. A part of the complex will also be the home of the German Centre Dubai, an exclusive business environment of offices, services and networks, firstly established by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), now operating in six other important cities world-wide (Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Yokohama, Jakarta and Mexico-City). The mission of the German Centre Dubai is to provide comprehensive support and dedicated office space to

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