First professional shopping and entertainment center to open in Tomsk (RU)

SEC Izumrudny Gorod (Emerald City), the first professional shopping and entertainment center, will open in Tomsk at the end of 2012. International consulting company Colliers International is the exclusive marketing and brokerage agent for the center.

Emerald City

Tomsk is the largest scientific, cultural and industrial center within the Siberian federal district.

SEC Izumrudny Gorod has a total area of 42,300 m² (with a GLA of 30,700 m²) and is located in the largest and most populated area of the city: at its main transport road, Komsomolsky avenue. In the catchment zone there are around 265,000 people who account for about 50% of all the citizens in Tomsk.

The three-story shopping and entertainment center will offer customers the most demanded formats of shops and entertainment centers including a food hypermarket, an electronics goods hypermarket, children goods stores, sports departments, a multi-room cinema, a food court, etc. The retail gallery is expected to have large international and federal Russian brands (clothes, footwear and accessories), which will open their very first Tomsk stores in the shopping center.

Tomsk is the largest scientific, cultural and industrial center within the Siberian federal district with population around 600,000 people. Among large Siberian cities Tomsk is in fourth place by population size and second place by a retail space ratio per citizen, and that proves a high potential of purchasing power by Tomsk citizens.

The developer of SEC Izumrudny Gorod is Alfa Real Estate, an affiliation of LAMA Group of companies which also owns a chain of food hypermarkets in Tomsk. They have commissioned professional international consultants for the project. British firm SCG London works on project rebranding, and Colliers International provides brokerage services.

The name of the center has not been chosen by accident. The famous author of Emerald City Wizard, Alexander Volkov, was working on the translation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum in Tomsk. In order to immortalize the work of the writer, the project developer uses the associations with the well-known book in exterior and interior designs of the shopping center.

In particular, in front of the center (at the pedestrian square) there will be a sculpture composition of the book characters made by a Slovak sculptor, Martin Pal. Starting from the sculpture up to the entrance of the center there will be a road made of yellow brick, and facade interiors and internal navigation will have colors and design elements associated with the Emerald City.

Galina Maliborskaya, Director, Retail Property Department Colliers International, said: "Based on lack of retail space in Moscow and intensified activity in regional markets, in 2010 we witnessed resumed activity and changes of interests by developers and retail operators for the regional markets. We expect that this year demand will continue to grow and not only in largest cities but also in those with population of 300 – 500,000 people. The key factor for a retailer to enter a new regional market has become a competition lev

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