First 'Bolshoi City' project is approved (RU)

A construction project of a multifunctional business center which is developed by Storm Properties has successfully passed Regulation Commission (Reglamentnaya Komissiya) chaired by A. Kuzmin, Chief Architect of Moscow. The business center will be carried on at 8 Prichalny proezd – on the site belonging to Moskovsky Zhirovoy Kombinat, part of Buket Group of Companies.

Members of the Commission have considered the results of work of the project architects, TPO Reserve, and of Moscow urban design planners, NIiPI Genplana, who managed to coordinate the concept of the project with the plan of Moscow administration to construct a new highway and an underground station in this part of the city.

The realization of this plan will increase significantly the transport accessibility to the project site – by private vehicles as well as by the public transportation. NIiPI Genplana was also advised to incorporate the information about the business center on Prichalny site in the project documentation of 'Bolshoi City'.

Artist impression of the 'Bolshoi City' project.

"Current rates of the project development and the professionalism of its team allow us to regard our project as the leading one among the other projects of 'Bolshoi City' and to position it actually as the first 'Bolshoi City' project", – said Evgeny Aleshin, Vice President of Storm Properties.

Source: Storm

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