FIABCI and ICREA sign agreement of alliance

International real estate organizations FIABCI and ICREA have taken a formal step towards a more collaborative alliance and the possibility for a unified organization with the signing of an alliance during the ICREA board meetings in Berlin at the end of May.

Newly installed 2011-2012 FIABCI World President Alexander Romanenko signed on behalf of FIABCI; 2011 Chair Alan Tennant signed on behalf of ICREA.

During the past 18 months the two organizations have met periodically to discuss opportunities to cooperate in order to optimize the combined strength of the two groups and maximize the benefits for the professional real estate community throughout the world.

In the spirit of continued cooperation and dialog, both groups have approved direct membership affiliation in each other's organization. Immediate past ICREA Chair Peter Bolton King has been appointed by Alexander Romanenko to represent ICREA on the FIABCI Board. Romanenko will have a seat on the ICREA Board effective June 1.

The foundation of cooperation between FIABCI and ICREA is a shared core vision of the need for a global leading organization which embraces all sectors of the property industry. Recognizing the economic and political challenges facing industry professional groups, both organizations acknowledge the benefit of coordinated activities to achieve an economy of scale for their respective member associations and individual practitioner members.

In a message sent to both groups' member organizations, Romanenko and Mr. Tennant emphasize that "while the future will be exciting and different, there is no reason for our existing organizations to lose our history or organizational cultures. Our members, leadership and staffs have much emotional and intellectual equity in both FIABCI and ICREA. Thus, every effort must be made to move forward with respect for our traditions."

Both world organizations are dedicated to promoting and facilitating international trade in property, to delivering services for cross-border transactions and referrals in a more efficient and effective matter, and to representing the real estate industry worldwide and setting standards for property processes internationally. The two Boards will pursue a unification dialog in the coming months in close consultation with their respective membership to enable an open decision making process.

Source: Nightingale PR

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