Fernando Guedes de Oliveira takes charge of Sonae Sierra's leadership (PT)

Fernando Guedes de Oliveira took charge, on April 1st, as Sonae Sierra's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and is now responsible for the global coordination of the Company's activities and strategy, and will also directly supervise the areas of Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Sustainability and Marketing & Innovation.


Fernando Guedes de Oliveira

With Sonae Sierra since 1991, Fernando Guedes de Oliveira was appointed in 1999 Development Manager for Europe, and in 2000 was invited to the Board of Directors of Sonae Sierra SGPS, SA as Executive Director, responsible for Expansion, Developments, Design and Architecture of Shopping Centres in Europe. Previously, he was responsible for the global management of projects such as ViaCatarina Shopping, in Porto and Centro Vasco da Gama, in Lisbon. In March 2009, when the departure of Álvaro Portela was announced, he was appointed Deputy CEO of Sonae Sierra, with direct responsibilities over the Sustainability Office.

Fernando Guedes de Oliveira was a natural choice for CEO of Sonae Sierra, given his profile, knowledge of the sector and vast experience within the company.

With a degree in Civil Engineering from Faculdade de Engenharia, University of Porto, Fernando Guedes de Oliveira also has an MBA from ISEE, University of Porto, an AMDP from Harvard University Graduate School of Design (USA) and an AMP from Harvard Business School Faculty & Administration (USA).

Source: Sonae Sierra

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