Fastighets AB Brostaden - GreenBuilding Partner of the Year in Europe (EU/SE

Castellum's subsidiary Fastighets AB Brostaden of Sweden has been awarded as the European GreenBuilding Corporate Partner of the Year in Europe. This award is a verification of the company's successful work with energy savings. Brostaden has reduced the energy consumption by an average of 39% among its 90 properties.

About 100 European companies participated in the competition and were judged on both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Brostaden is a subsidiary of Castellum who has been working with environmental issues since the mid-90s with a focus on energy savings and environmental inventory of the properties.

Two of Castellum's subsidiaries, Fastighets AB Brostaden and Harry Sjögren AB, have as the first and the third company in Europe been assigned as GreenBuilding Corporate Partner by the EU, which means that the energy consumption has been reduced with at least 25% in properties repesenting at least 30% of the real estate portfolio.
Within Castellum there are a total of 80 GreenBuilding classified buildings, comprising 398,000 m².

Eklandia Fastighets AB received in 2009 the first BREEAM-certificate in Sweden for a new property on Hisingen in Gothenburg. The property was completed in cooperation with Toyota.

Source: Castellum AB

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