Fashion House Group launches one-stop package for investors and developers (EUR)

Fashion House Group has launched an industry first for the European Outlet sector, FASHION HOUSE Franchise, a brand new and unique one-stop package for investors and developers looking to enter the booming outlet sector.

Brendon O'Reilly, Managing Director, Fashion House Group explains: 'Attractive and dynamic as it is, the Outlet Centre sector can be difficult and in some cases disastrous for independent developers to enter without the expert knowledge needed to succeed. This often leads to a high risk approach and a long line of third party suppliers, all with their associated price tags such as an operator, leasing agent and an architect to name but a few.

'As a successful outlet center developer with a recognized consumer brand and a tried and tested concept we saw the potential to develop a new offer. FASHION HOUSE Franchise offers the whole Outlet package with all the experience and expertise that any new Outlet sector entrant could want at a low risk and an affordable price, all at realistic market rates, with royalty fees and profit share.'

FASHION HOUSE Franchise offers a team of experts delivering a proven consumer marketing concept, B2B marketing and leasing management, access to tenant database of occupiers, debt funding consultancy & brokerage, institutional project management & value maximisation, pre-opening set-up & management recruitment, a full operational management package, marketing for launch & ongoing brand development, retail maximisation & asset management and investor exit and disposal services.

Brendon adds; 'Any independent developer with suitable land plots, either with relevant permits or the ability to secure planning approvals, along with access to a construction capability but without specialist knowledge of the Outlet market can get in touch. Unlike many outlet consultants we can actually take them to one of our successful centres, let them to talk to the team and the customers, show them our results in the short, medium and long term and let them decide how good we are and which option is more appealing.'

In today's economic conditions, specialist Outlet expertise is an essential part of a successful project. Indeed, for developers and financial institutions alike, a project without an experienced Operator being involved may find it more difficult to obtain debt finance. Similarly, to secure reputable tenants in today's competitive environment, a market-tested Leasing and Operations team, working in harmony, is required to promote independent Outlet Center developments on both a local and international stage.

FASHION HOUSE Group is the leading Outlet developer in CEE and is an expert in emerging markets. The company is the only Outlet developer in Europe whose business model enables it to work with 100% own-investor funded projects right through to the new franchise offer of 100% third party owned outlet development projects.

Brendon adds 'FASHION HOUSE Group has four award winning outlets already operating in Poland and Bucharest, three in developments in Bucharest and Russia and we have just announced the first Outlet Center to come under the FASHION HOUSE Franchise, FASHION HOUSE Belgrade due to open in autumn 2011. To add to this I can today confirm that the second franchise site to be opened will be FASHION HOUSE Kiev in Spring 2012. The franchise offer adds to existing business and we are expecting to see a few more locations added to this list in the coming months.'

Source: GVA Grimley

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