Fashion Gallery opens in Rocca al Mare (EE)

The second phase of the redevelopment of the Rocca Al Mare shopping center, owned and managed by Citycon, is now complete. Fashion Gallery, focusing on fashion and leisure retail, opened on May 7, 2009. Rocca al Mare, located by the sea in Tallinn, Estonia, and refurbished in modern style, is expected to become the most attractive shopping center in town. The distance between Helsinki and Tallinn is only 84 km by sea.

Rocca al Mare, Tallinn

Over 60 new stores will open in the Rocca Al Mare Fashion Gallery.

Rocca Al Mare offers Tallinn's widest range of fashion, sports and leisure products. Many clothing brands, also popular in Finland, such as La Senza, Motivi, Vero Moda, Esprit and Ivo Nikkolo, will have specialty shops with wide selections in the refurbished shopping center. The range of the new Fashion Gallery wing also includes outlets representing a host of international top brands previously unavailable to Finnish fashion enthusiasts. For instance, Marks & Spencer, Camel Active, New Yorker with its sporty street fashion, and Bata, offering trendy shoes and bags, will open alluring stores in Rocca Al Mare.

In fact, over 60 new stores will open for business in the Rocca Al Mare Fashion Gallery.

"The people of Tallinn have grown extremely brand and trend conscious. Actually, in some respects Tallinn's fashion offerings have surpassed those of Helsinki. Therefore, due to growing demand, the need for a stylish, premium shopping center has been obvious," says Harri Holmström, Vice President, Citycon Oyj Baltic Operations.

The refurbishment of Rocca Al Mare shopping center, carried out in three phases, will be fully completed in the autumn of 2009, with the opening of the center's third phase to the public. Then, the center will be completed with beauty and health stores and a diverse restaurant world.

"Finns will find it easy to enjoy shopping at Rocca Al Mare. Many people do not realize that Tallinn is closer to Helsinki than, for instance, Turku or Lahti. Shopping, eating out and staying at a quality hotel are still cost-effective pleasures for Finnish tourists," comments Pekka Huttunen, Property Investments Manager, Citycon Oyj.

Moreover, Rocca Al Mare houses the familiar Finnish brand names Hobby Hall, Kotipizza and Prisma, the largest in Tallinn. Finns will be delighted to know that the S-Etukortti card is eligible for collecting bonuses in Prisma's hypermarket in Tallinn. Rocca Al Mare is located approximately 8 km from central Tallinn, conveniently accessible either by car or taxi directly from the harbour, and by public transport from central Tallinn. Rocca Al Mare is a charming, diverse area: the seaside invites to spend leisure time there, the Saku Arena offers performances of world-class stars and the nearby Tallinn Zoo provides entertainment for the youngest members of the family.

Source: Citycon

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