FADESA strenghtens Senior Management Team with Holiday Accomodation Management Division (ES)

FADESA has strengthened its senior management team with the creation of a Holiday Accommodation Management Division, headed by David Massip Bonet.

Massip Bonet, 49, has a great deal of experience in the tourism sector, where he has spent most of his professional life. He has been a General Manager with Paradores de Turismo de España, Viajes Astral, SAS Service Partner, Club de Vacaciones, Global Refund and Quadriga Business España. He has also held senior executive positions with American Express, TWA and Air Miles España.

David Massip graduated in Business Studies from Barcelona's Universidad Politécnica, and rounded off his education with Executive Management programmes at Harvard Business School and the IESE in Spain. The new General Manager is joining FADESA tasked with taking on the management of the various holiday accommodation projects that the company has included within a number of its property developments, as part of a developing process of diversification in the types of property it offers.

The Holiday Accommodation Management Division will, therefore, have a direct link to FADESA's five other divisions: the Development Division, the Architecture and Engineering Division, the Construction and Control Division, the Sales Division and the Business Expansion Division.

Source: FADESA

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