FADESA renews its Management Team (ES)

FADESA Group has carried out a whole renewal of its Management Team by the creation of an Executive Council and five new General Directions in direct dependence on the CEO. To meet this position, the Board of FADESA will propose the General Stockholders' Meeting of the next 9th May the appointment of Antonio de la Morena Pardo as new CEO of the company.

Antonio de la Morena (Madrid, 1944) was so far General Director of Development of FADESA. Architect, De la Morena has developed the most of his career within the company, where since 1994- has worked at several Management positions like Director of the Office of Projects or General Director of Real Estate Area. Besides, he has worked before at other companies like Arktec or Austin Company.

Borja de la Cierva, who was announced as the next proposal of appointment for CEO of FADESA, turns down to join the company, after coming to an agreement with the Management of the Group. His differences about the renewal that FADESA was preparing since several months due to its growth and internationalization, along with the way to implement this renewal, have been the key factors for that decision.

New Executive Council
The new Executive Council will be made up of four Executive Directors with utmost responsibility over the Real Estate business of the FADESA Group: the Executive Direction of Development, the Executive Direction of Architecture and Engineering, the Executive Direction of Control and Construction and the Executive Commercial Direction. All these Executive Directions, except the Commercial one which will be joined by a new Manager soon, will be held by professionals working at FADESA during the last years and with a thorough and in-depth knowledge of its business model.

Thus, the Executive Direction of Development will be assumed by Bernardino Hernández (Madrid, 40). Architect, he works at FADESA since 1997. Within the company, he has been Chief of the Office of Projects, Director of Architecture and General Director of Architecture and Engineering, position that he has held till today. The search and management of the land portfolio of the Real Estate Group will be among his new tasks as Executive Director of Development.

The Executive Direction of Architecture and Engineering will be carried out by Joaquín San Juan (Lerida, 42). Working at FADESA since 1996, firstly as architect in the Office of Projects and later on as Director of Architecture, he will be in charge of coordinating all the team of architects, engineers, draughts men and urban developers who prepare all the architectural and planning projects of the Real Estate group.

The Executive Direction of Control and Construction will be managed by Rocio Díaz (Orense, 37). Rocío Díaz has developed her career at FADESA since 1996. She has worked as architect at the Office of Projects, as Technical Assistant to the President, as Technical Director and as General Director of Construction, position that she has held until now Rocío Díaz will keep the responsibility over all the construction process of the different Real Estate products of FADESA.

Finally, the Executive Commercial Direction will hold a place in the new Executive Council of FADESA. Its manager will join the company soon and will watch over the sales and commercial strategy of the Real Estate Group.

New General Directions
Along with the Executive Council, FADESA creates equally five new General Directions in direct dependence on the CEO: General Direction of Subsidiary and Shared Companies, General Corporate Direction, General Direction of Expansion, General Direction of Wealth Exploitation and General Financial Direction.

The General Direction of Subsidiary and Shared Companies will be held by Manuel Ángel Jove Santos (La Coruña, 39), that will continue as Second Vice-President of the Board of FADESA at the same time. Manuel Ángel Jove is Master in Real Estate Management and, prior to FADESA, he has worked at the Banco Hipotecario. In 1992, he joins the Real Estate Group, where he has leaded the openi

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