FADESA launches ultra-modern residential complex in Porto (ES/PT)

The FADESA Group has made another move towards consolidating its activities in Portugal by launching an ultra-modern residential complex in the heart of Porto.

Entailing an investment of €12 million, this project -FADESA's first venture in the north of Portugal- is a residential promotion of avant-garde design, located only a short distance from Porto's new Dragâo Stadium and the Dolce Vita Porto Shopping Centre. The property company has earmarked 3880 m² to build 44 homes, covering a constructed surface area of 8359 m². The complex will also reserve 700 m² for commercial premises.

Allegro Design Homes, as the project has been dubbed, will comprise a wide range of house types: townhouses, penthouses, duplex and simplex apartments, aimed at a young, upscale market seeking an eco-friendly environment. The complex will also offer a private interior square and vast green areas.

With this development, FADESA hopes to become firmly established in the Portuguese real estate market and it is also studying the possibility of launching other projects for the construction of both first and second homes in this country. The Galician company's first incursion into the neighbouring country was in 1999 with the construction of the Quinta Fonte da Prata Development, where FADESA developed the concept of the new city offering services and amenities consisting of vast green spaces, areas for shopping, sports and leisure activities, schools, facilities for cultural activities and health care. The Quinta Fonte da Prata Development, which occupies an area of 52 hectares, is made up of 3,200 flats in buildings located in the town of Moita, on the left bank of the Tagus River across from Lisbon. The overall cost will total some €180 million. The construction of the 2nd and 3rd phases of the development is currently underway.

Source: FADESA

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