FADESA invests €37 million in new project in Warsaw, Poland (PL/ES)

The FADESA group has consolidated its position in Poland with the announcement of a new residential project in Warsaw. With a total investment of some €37 million, this new FADESA development in the Polish capital will be built in Wilanów, a district in which the Group have already promoted a modern residential complex comprised of almost 1,900 homes, the Ostoja Wilanów. This second project will cover a total land area of 66,454 m², with around 400 homes in a 3-story development.

With this new residential complex, FADESA's objective is to further establish itself within the Polish real estate market, where, after the excellent reception that greeted the Ostoja Wilanow development, the company now has other projects at the study stage.

FADESA has been operating in Poland since the start of last year, when the Group announced it was entering into an alliance with Prokom Investments, a company which belongs to one of the leading holdings in the country, the Prokom Group. In order to carry out their operations, both companies co-founded FADESA Prokom Polska, of which FADESA is the majority stockholder, with 51% of the company's capital, with the remaining 49% belonging to Prokom Investments.

Source: FADESA

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