FADESA and ANJOCA sign agreement for development of Tangiers City Center project (ES/MOR)

FADESA and ANJOCA have signed the agreement for the development of the Tangiers City Center project, a large residential, tourist and leisure complex in the north of Morocco. The event, which was held in Tangiers, was presided over by the Moroccan Minister for Tourism, Adil DOUIRI, accompanied by the presidents of FADESA and ANJOCA, Manuel Jove and Ángel Jove, respectively, and it was held within the framework of the 6th Moroccan Tourism Conference.

Last June, the Moroccan Government awarded FADESA and ANJOCA the Tangiers City Center project, which has the objective of putting new energy into the Moroccan city.

With a forecast global investment of €89.45 million, the complex covers a development area of 236,443 square metres and has a completion deadline of five years. It is located facing the Bay, right next to the beach, on the City's main boulevard. With an avant-garde design, the project also incorporates typical features of the local architecture, offering a contrast which will give the city centre a new image.

The residential area of Tangiers City Center will include approximately 850 homes, distributed in three blocks, which will cover a constructed area of 97,782 m2. Likewise, the new development includes two four or five-star hotels which will offer around 1000 beds. The project is completed with a large office building of 10,161 square metres, a shopping and leisure centre of 32,000 square metres and a car park of more than 56,000.

Source: FADESA

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