Factory outlet centers European conference, April 7 & 8 2010 in Troyes, France (FR/EU)

In an economic situation marked by the slump, the factory outlet market is still competitive in France, as well as in other European countries. More than 20 centers should be opening from 2012 especially in Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Romania. Even though these countries have a different regulations, they all share the same objective: offering consumers brands products at a reasonable price.

Challenges of the new decade
The Magdus conference in Troyes will draw a balance sheet of the factory outlet centres situation of the past years and will also be the place to have debate on the different strategies for the brands willing to give value to their unsold articles and optimise their stock.

All the conference and workshops topics have been defined:

  • Factory outlet centres in Europe, facts, figures, trends
  • What is the development in brand consumption in Europe?
  • Brand distribution strategies: what place do factory outlet centres have?
  • How do we promote shopping tourism and benefit from it?
  • Are factory outlet centres still attractive for the regions?
  • The players in the sector: new profiles and new strategies for a revamp of the concept?
  • Setting up a factory outlet centre : the key factors for success
  • Does architecture increase sales?
  • Stock reduction strategies, how to transform a restraint into an asset? What place do factory outlet centres occupy today in the unsold items¡¦ distribution.

A panel of strong strategic topics for brands executives, operators and investors.
Dedicated to the 4th European factory outlet centers conference, www.magdus2010.com is the original website of the conference to be informed on the detail of the program, plenary sessions and workshop speakers, the registration procedure, the access to the conference. Magdus, the European Factory Outlet Centres Observatory is organising this 4th conference in Troyes, the historical capital for factory outlet centres. The website also analyses the evolution of factory outlet centers development on the European scale.

Source: Magdus

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