Fabege signs 13,500-m² lease with Carnegie and Max Matthiessen (SE)

Carnegie Investment Bank AB and Max Matthiessen AB have signed deals to move into Fabege's properties at Regeringsgatan-Lästmakargatan in central Stockholm. The agreement with Carnegie covers about 9,000 m², including 1,000 m² of storage space, and runs for ten years and the agreement with Max Matthiessen covers 4,500 m² and has a term of five years. The rent for the office space is SEK 3,800/m², not including supplements.

The buildings, which are located at Lästmakargatan 22-24 and Regeringsgatan 56, will be thoroughly redeveloped, including new extensions, before Carnegie and Matthiessen move in during the third and fourth quarters, respectively, of 2009.

Work on the project in the block (Bocken 35 and 46) will begin in autumn 2007. It forms part of the ongoing reshaping and renewal of the area around Kungsgatan, which is now firmly established as part of Stockholm's financial center.

"We are very happy that Carnegie and Max Matthiessen have chosen to move to our property, where they will benefit from efficient, modern premises in an excellent location in Stockholm City," Christian Hermelin, Fabege's CEO, says.

"The string of modernization projects and new deals recently shows that the area around Kungsgatan has become more attractive, which is very positive for Fabege in view of our extensive property holdings in the area," Hermelin says.

Source: Fabege

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