Fabege sells properties at Brommaplan (SE)

Fabege has divested the Grammet 1 property and Vävnaden 1 leasehold at Brommaplan, Stockholm. The purchaser is JM. The sale takes place in the form of a company at an underlying property value of SEK 140 million (approx. €15.5 million).

Grammet and Vävnaden are commercial premises that comprise 7,000 m² of rentable floor space.

JM intends to develop a large housing project at Brommaplan, which will also include these properties. The buyer took possession on December 17, 2010. The sale gives rise to an initial after-tax gain of SEK 40 million, which will be recognized as profit during the fourth quarter of

"JM has obtained a land reserve on adjacent land for the development of a large housing project, and is thus a suitable buyer," says Fabege's CEO, Christian Hermelin.

Source: Cision

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