Fabege sells golf and conference facility on Öland (SE)

Fabege has sold the properties Borgholm Halltorp 1:10, Borgholm Halltorp 1:27-29 and Borgholm Rälla 1:17 as well as its shares in BRF Ekerum 3 in Ekerum on Öland for approximately €9.2 million (SEK 93 million). The buyers, the brothers Ulf and Bo Eklöf through Eklöf Invest AB, have taken possession of the properties on 3 July 2006. The sale has no impact on Fabege's results.

The properties contain a golf and conference facility that is being leased to Sunwing Ekerum AB.

"The properties are outside our priority areas, so it's natural to sell them to buyers who want to continue running and further develop the businesses", Erik Paulsson, Fabege's CEO, says.

Source: Fabege

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