Extended fashion center Almere now called Brandboxx (NL)

Almere's Mayor Annemarie Jorritsma has opened today the extension of fashion center Almere by exposing its new name: Brandboxx Almere. With the extension Brandboxx Almere is 35,000 m² large and offers more than 120 showrooms. Brandboxx Almere is a project of TCN Property Projects. Rudy Stroink, CEO of TCN Property Projects, underlined that Brandboxx Almere is part of the international trademark Brandboxx, with six establishments in Europe.

Mark Zwinkels, project manager of Brandboxx Almere, is delighted with the extension. "Brandboxx Almere underlines the ambition of the municipality Almere to become fashion city of the Netherlands. We are the most important purchasing and information center for retailers from the Dutch fashion branch," he comments. Together with Rudy Stroink he handed over a wedding cake to alderman Visser of Economic Affairs, commenting: "We celebrate the marriage between Almere and Brandboxx."

Stroink is proud of the development of the fashion center. "With the extension the center is twice as large. Above all, retailers will find their way to Almere to make their fashion appointments." He stressed the importance of Brandboxx Almere as part of the international trademark Brandboxx. "The English name offers a lot of possibilities. Our contacts with international brands are increasing."

Brandboxx Almere is the most important purchasing and information center for retailers in the Netherlands. With the extension the total surface of the center is approx. 35.000 m². In the future the total complex of Brandboxx Almere will consist of three buildings. This enormous surface covers in sum 55.000 m².

Source: TCN Property Projects

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