EXPO REAL ASIA: 5 and 6 December in Macau (China)

Leading commercial property experts will discuss the trends in the Asian Real Estate Industry. EXPO REAL ASIA, International Property Conference will open on December 5, 2006 at Macau Tower in China.
Asia will be at the center of the real estate universe at least for the next decade. With half the world's population, the fastest growing economies and feverishly expanding industries from financial services to IT the region between Shanghai, Singapore and Mumbai will be hard to beat. Asian property already accounts for almost 20% of the $475 billion of global real estate allocation, a great leap forward from 8% in 2003. The prospects remain enormous. Of the total investable stock in Asia of 2.5 trillion a mere $1.4 trillion has thus far been tapped.

It is no surprise that with maturing markets, growing liberalization, an emerging middle class and massive catch up demand, Asia is starting to become a viable alternative for pension funds from Europe which traditionally preferred bonds and equity. Of the 67 billion US-Dollar investments in Asian real estate last year, 20 billion US-Dollar were already cross-border, up threefold from 2003.

The following senior level executives will discuss about future developments in Asia:

  • Mr Hong Wang, Assoc. Professor (Real Estate & Finance) Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Mr. Roman Krygier, Director Investments and Global Strategy, Pramerica Real Estate Investors, Munich, Germany
  • Mr. Kurt Roeloffs, Head of RREEF Asia Pacific and MENA, London, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Michael Thompson, Regional CEO, Cushman & Wakefield, Shanghai, China

This panel is moderated by Markus Gärtner, correspondent of the newspaper "Die WELT" in Canada.

EXPO REAL ASIA will be an international trade event of its type in the region to bring together key professionals involved in all aspects of the international property development and investment cycle. This includes key organisations and governmental authorities, city planners, architects, designers, developers, construction and engineering companies, corporate end users including retailers, hoteliers and major institutional investors and financiers.


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