EXPO Real 2010: The industry is on the up (DE)

For the first time since 2008, EXPO Real is signaling the recovery of the industry: around 37,000 participants - 21,000 industry professionals, which matched last year's total, and 16,000 representatives of exhibiting companies - attended the 13th International Trade Fair for Commercial Property and Investment. This represents an increase of 1,000 participants compared to 2009. In terms of exhibitors, EXPO Real 2010 achieved an increase of 4%, with a total of 1,645 companies.


A total of 1,645 companies from 35 countries exhibited at EXPO Real 2010.

"These results mean that EXPO Real is the only trade fair in the industry that has been able to achieve a slight growth this year. The industry is starting to breathe again," said Eugen Egetenmeir, Managing Director of Messe München.

The participants were also in confident mood: according to Andreas Quint, CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle, "The significant improvement in the market environment and the feeling of making a new start were tangible in Munich. EXPO Real has seized on this optimism and once again proven its unique nature as a business trade fair. On the whole, EXPO Real provided the initial impetus for a strong final quarter of 2010."

Stefan Brendgen, CEO of Allianz Real Estate Germany, reinforced this, saying: "EXPO Real came at just the right time for launching negotiations and finding out about potential new properties. Our discussions at the trade fair have been extremely successful and have involved contacts from all around the world. EXPO Real is a fantastic communication platform, making it possible to talk to all of your important contacts in just a few days."

This positive assessment was also reflected in the EXPO Real visitor survey: according to Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung, over 60% of visitors were of the opinion that the economic situation in the industry will improve in the future.

Based on the number of visitors, the top 10 countries visiting the exposition after Germany were: the UK, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, the USA and Luxembourg.

Chris Bell, Managing Director Europe of Knight Frank, UK, said, "EXPO Real is a genuine opportunity for us to both catch up with our existing clients and meet potential new clients. Every year we have attended EXPO Real we have further cemented our client relationships whereby generating real income for our business across Europe."

Raphäel Catonnet, Deputy Managing Director of EPAD/EPASA La Défense in Paris, added, "EXPO Real has been superb: very well organised, very efficient and we have been able to establish high-quality, professional contacts in a very short space of time."

Richard Fiddes, Managing Partner of King Sturge from the UK, confirmed, "EXPO Real concentrates the mind. The participants are all serious. No time is wasted."

This year, the prefix 'RE' is the central theme of the conference program; it stands not only for real estate, but also for a new start in many areas of the industry. Bernd-Uwe Willer, Head of Germany at Savills, said, "Once again, the focus was on finding solutions not

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