Ex-industrial area Ticosa in Como, Italy, to be refurbished in 4 years (IT)

The former industrial area 'Ticosa' in Como, Italy, will be refurbished into a new city district in the next four years. The key-points of the project designed by the Dutch company Multi Investment – winner of the public tender on July 19 – have been presented to town councillors by the mayor of Como and the representatives of Multi Development-C Italia.

The 5 key-points of the project:

  • multi-functional development which integrates housing, shops, office, service, wellness, a hotel, bars and restaurants, and features a contemporary european inner city scheme
  • a new displacement of the main artery, now moved below the surface, which will lead to a significate reduction of environmental and acoustic pollution
  • a huge parking space (both public and private), offering 1,600 parking places in a multi-layered underground story

Artist impression of the new Ticosa area.

  • a totally new urban park (22,000 m²) with green areas, public squares and pedestrian walkways linked to the Spina Verde park
  • refurbishment of the historical 'Santarella' plant to host a Museum of modern architecture

Multi Development-C Italia has already presented two important documents: the Piano Integrato di Intervento (PII), which is the winning project at a higher level of details, and the Dichiarazione di Inizio Attività (DIA), which asks the municipality to start the beginning of the demolition process.

"Since 24 years the former industrial area 'Ticosa' has been representing an open scar in the urban fabric," said Stefano Bruni, Mayor of Como. "Finally we have the opportunity to develop a refurbishment project which features functional and shared solutions. Formal executions provided for by law have been already initiated. Soon, this area will become one of the most appealing and lively of the whole city and it will also foster the growth of the surrounding areas." Bruni also announced his intention to present the project to the citizens. One pavilion of the ex-industrial area will be equipped for the presentation, scheduled on November 25, 2006.

Source: Multi

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