Perceived Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Start: Wednesday, 20 January 2021
End: Wednesday, 20 January 2021
Category: Uli Madrid, sgs, jll, workplace, office, event
Venue: Online
Location: Online
Organiser: ULI Madrid, SGS & JLL

ULI Madrid, SGS & JLL will address the importance of maintaining workplace wellbeing and ensuring employees feel comfortable re-entering the office during times of uncertainty.
In this webinar we will cover:
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly accelerated workplace wellbeing trends 
  • Strategies for ensuring employees feel as safe as possible when re-occupying the workplace
  • Long-term trends we anticipate for the future of the commercial real estate industry
Please note this event will be in English.