British & Irish GRI 2019
Start: Wednesday, 15 May 2019
End: Thursday, 16 May 2019
Category: Gri, uk, london, gri Club, real Estate, event
Venue: Hotel Cafe Royal
Location: London, UK
Organiser: GRI Club

Currency fluctuations and questionable pricing for real estate assets arising from Brexit, the cycle and Eurozone debt have created somewhat of a ‘wait-and-see culture’ for the UK & Irish property market. And yet, reading beyond the panicked headlines, it appears that there are in fact, prosperous opportunities. The discretionary opportunistic investor with a nose for a deal can secure a steal; BTR is still booming, urban logistics demand is forever climbing and Ireland is more than one to watch - Dublin might just be the new ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’. And so, for better or worse, the questions we must ask ourselves is what a post-Brexit market has to offer, which asset classes are set to decline, and which have the foundations for stable growth? Can the industry ride out the structural storm, or are these the tell-tale signs that the cycle is not just coming to an end; maybe there is something much worse on the horizon to shatter global economies? Such critical business strategies will be considered at the British & Irish GRI; a forum for senior C-level UK, Irish and European decision-makers in the real estate market. If you enjoy the company of the industry’s elite, we would be delighted to welcome you.