European Commission consults on barriers to energy efficiency in buildings (EU)

On 15 February, the commission launched a public consultation on the "Financial Support for Energy Efficiency in Buildings". This consultation – running until 18 May – aims to identify the market failures for the uptake of energy-efficiency measures as well as the actions needed at national and European level to improve the financial support for energy efficiency in buildings.

In particular, there are questions relating to the effectiveness of the current EU financial tools for energy efficiency in buildings and on the need to propose further regulation to stimulate energy efficiency investments beyond the Energy Efficiency Directive. The commission identifies market, financial and regulatory barriers, including low energy costs, split incentives between tenants and owners and lack of information on efficiency.

This consultation provides an opportunity to highlight the need secure further financial support to promote the uptake of energy-efficiency measures, particularly in the existing building stock, and to urge decision makers to address the non-regulatory barriers to energy efficiency, in particular, the split incentives to building renovation.

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Sources: European Commission, ENDS

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