Europe Real Estate (REP) launches Europe Real Estate 2014 at MIPIM

Europe Real Estate (REP) is pleased to announce the launch of its annual reference book Europe Real Estate 2014 at the MIPIM conference. Europe Real Estate 2014 examines the state of the real estate market across Europe, including Turkey and Russia, providing an overview of the latest projects and developments in the pipeline. Focusing on the latest trends recorded in the past year, the highly anticipated 2014 edition of Europe Real Estate is an essential reference book, richly illustrated, providing real estate professionals across the globe with a broad view of the state of the real estate market segments in Europe, Turkey and Russia. 

Designed for a niche audience consisting of retail and real estate professionals worldwide with an interest in commercial property, Europe Real Estate is a trusted source offering an in-depth view on the different real estate segments as well as opinions and forecasts by key scholars and business leaders. 

Europe Real Estate has designed its 2014 edition of Europe Real Estate both in hardcopy and and digital version for the convenience of readers everywhere. MIPIM attendees can get a free hardcopy of the reference book at Europe Real Estate's stand R29.00 at the conference venue.  Both versions will also be available online through the and webshops.

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