Euromoney names Multi Development Best Retail Developer' (EUR/NL)

The winner of Euromoney's 'Best Global Retail Developer' for 2009 was Multi Development, who also scooped the Award for 'Best Developer Overall in Western Europe'.

At a Gala dinner in London on October 15th, Euromoney announced the winners of its annual Real Estate Awards.

Multi Development was awarded:
- Global - Best Retail Developer
- Best Developer, Overall, in Western Europe
- Best Retail Developer in Western Europe
- Best Developer, Overall, in the Netherlands
- Best Retail Developer in the Netherlands
- Best Developer, Overall, in Turkey

Glenn Aaronson, CEO of Multi said: "We are pleased to have been honored in two of our major markets, throughout western Europe and even globally by Euromoney readers, it is gratifying for all Multi people."

Euromoney is the world's leading financial markets magazine. Clive Horwood, Editor of Euromoney, said: "In an increasingly challenging financial environment, the winners of the 2009 Euromoney Real Estate Awards are those that exhibited the ability to react at speed, innovate, and make best use of the inherent strengths of their organisation. Through the real estate poll, the market has recognised the achievements of these institutions in the face of difficult market conditions, which is why the awards are so richly deserved."

Source: Multi

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