Eurohypo strengthens its UK lending business (UK/DE)

Eurohypo continues to strengthen the effectiveness of its leading position in European Real Estate Investment Banking. The Bank will benefit from a more focused profile for each of its services. The key activities - Advisory, Origination and Exit Management divisions - will be even more clearly distinguished from each other in the future and current overlaps will be eliminated. This will increase business efficiency and provide a more comprehensive and faster response to customer requests.

In addition to Real Estate Investment Banking activities, Eurohypo regards traditional debt financing as an important part of the London financial offering. The responsibility for it is with Max Sinclair, who will in the future lead the new UK debt division. Sinclair, born in 1958, joined the Eurohypo London team in 1993 and has been Managing Director and Head of Transaction management. As Head of UK Syndication and as a key member of the London credit committee, he was responsible for the acquisition and management of a succession of demanding transactions. Before joining Eurohypo, Sinclair was active in senior positions in the London branches of Banque Nationale de Paris and Sanwa Bank.

"With Max Sinclair leading our London debt business on the one hand and the new European Structured Finance (ESF) division to be lead by Ahsan Ellahi on the other, we have successfully developed our business model and anticipate much success in the future," said Chairman of the Board of Eurohypo, Bernd Knobloch, commenting on the new structure.

The new London structure also includes the Advisory team led by Philip Ward and important parts of the Debt Capital Markets division, including European securitisation led by Caroline Philips and UK debt syndication led by Margot Waddup. Rupert Harrison heads the Public Finance Representative Office in London.

The joint chief executives of the former Real Estate Investment Banking and UK division, Paul Rivlin and Neil Lawson May, will take up new positions in the Commerzbank Commercial Real Estate division headed by Bernd Knobloch.

Source: Eurohypo

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