Eurocentrum Office Complex completes stage two of LEED Gold certification (PL)

Eurocentrum Office Complex, an ecological class A+ office building located on Jerozolimskie Avenue in Warsaw, has completed the second of three stages of LEED Gold ecological certification (core & shell). It will be the largest sustainable office building in Poland.

Eurocentrum Office Complex (1)

Completion is scheduled for Q2 2014.

The Capital Park Group is the investor in the project. Preliminaries have already been completed and the main construction phase is under way, with completion scheduled for the second quarter of 2014.

Eurocentrum Office Complex located in Warsaw has successfully completed the second stage of LEED CS 2009 certification, defined as design review.

"This stage follows the completion of project documentation and aims to determine whether solutions used in the project correspond to the investor's original declarations. We have completed it, achieving the highest rating awarded under pre-certification, or stage one," says Sylwia Filewicz, Head of Development and Construction in the Capital Park Group.

Eurocentrum Office Complex will offer its future tenants a range of benefits including effective use of office space, optimum access to daylight in offices or lower charges resulting from reduced operating costs. But exceptionally friendly working environment is something that office users will experience personally.

"On average, we spend 180 hours a month in the office, therefore ensuring high quality working environment directly translates into our improved performance," Filewicz says.

Installation of the right air conditioning system helps reduce the morbidity rate and allergic disorders among employees that, according to surveys, affect almost every second person in Poland. Eurocentrum will provide more fresh air than required by regulations (50 instead of 30 m3/h/person). Expansive views offered by the windows will allow office users to rest their eyes after staring at a computer screen, and 1,500 m² of green, inner atriums with live plants will provide space for a moment of relaxation.

Eurocentrum will feature many eco-friendly solutions, e.g. exterior blinds on the south elevation, designed to suit Poland's climatic conditions, that is, minimizing solar gain in summer and allowing it in winter, ventilation and air conditioning systems with maximum heat recovery, energy-efficient lighting, reflective roofing membrane, water-tight fittings, use of rainwater or detailed measurement of energy consumed by the building and intelligent systems to control installations, including lighting.

ERBUD S.A. is the general contractor for the project. Cushman & Wakefield is the authorized letting agent and the design is the work of a renowned architecture firm PRC Architekci.

Source: mediadem consulting

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