Eurinpro leases 14.079 m² warehouse to Mercure International of Monaco (BE)

Eurinpro has leased its second warehouse at the 30.000 m² Astrid Logistics Centre to Mercure International of Monaco (MIM), an international distributor of sports equipment.

This high quality facility is located in Willebroek, Belgium and comprises two 15.000 m² warehouses. TNT Logistics leased a warehouse at Astrid Logistics Centre in March 2006 which was tailor-made to their requirements.

MIM has occupied the second warehouse since 1 June 2006 which facilitates the distribution of a range of sports equipment to Africa.

MIM previously distributed its goods from Nice, France. MIMs sports equipment was imported from Asia via the port of Antwerp (Belgium) and then sent to Africa via the port of Le Havre (France). MIMs new distribution network will now see all goods imported and exported via the port of Antwerp. At just 22 km from Antwerp, the Willebroek location has proven to be an excellent strategic choice for MIMs new distribution center. MIM required a facility that was well located, with a big number of loading docks and that provided excellent accessibility for the transportation of goods. Jones Lang LaSalle acted as a mediator in the transaction.

The Astrid Logistics Centre is situated in Willebroek next to the A12 motorway one of the major logistics axes in Belgium connecting Brussels to Antwerp. As such, the logistics site gives access to the whole European highway network. The site enjoys a 500 m visibility from the motorway and is situated close to the Willebroek Container Terminal.

Yves Boonen, Country Manager of Eurinpro Belgium, explains, "Initially we opted for this site when developing a tailor-made 15.000 m2 warehouse for TNT Logistics. Although we do not build on risk and only develop to the specific requirements of our customers, we could not deny the strategic value of this site. That is why we decided to build an extra 15.000 m² high quality warehouse unit, next to the one we developed for TNT Logistics. Apparently we were right in doing so because from the start we experienced a strong interest in this warehouse from different parties in the international market. We decided to collaborate with MIM because the warehouse responds in all respects to their needs."

The warehouse has an internal free height of 10 metres and a super flat floor with a bearing capacity of 50 kN/m². The warehouse has 15 loading docks and one overhead door. It responds to the most stringent fire regulations and provides an ESFR sprinkler system. MIM is currently installing its warehouse to be operational as soon as possible.

Source: Eurinpro

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